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CPIC was formed in early 2005, because of increasing amounts of stories, and paranormal sightings in Columbus Indiana.

A group of friends began CPIC to investigate possible hauntings in the area.

Listed below is some valuble information that we use and is important to know if you think that your home, business, or property may be haunted.


moon phase


Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:




What to expect if you think your home is being invaded by the paranormal.

One major thing is to not worry. Some spirits can have a negative effect on the resedents of a home but for the most part, they just simply co-exist.

If you have a REAL paranormal experence, in the exact instance, you will not be afraid. Afterwords when you are recalling it maybe, but durring the actuall experence you will not be. Even if you are having a negative experence with a spirit, there will be a sense of calm.

The times when you are afraid, it is usually in your mind. There are a million factors that you should realize that will scare you, too many to mention as a matter of fact. If you see something that you can not explain, and you are afraid, check to see if someone else saw it. If not, I would start to think that it was not a real paranormal experence